Elizabeth Yip to speak at CLE BC’s course on Subdivision Regulation and Discretion 2022

Please join Elizabeth Yip on May 26 at CLEBC’s course on Subdivision Regulation and Discretion 2022. This course is designed for intermediate lawyers practicing in the area of municipal law, administrative law, and real estate. This may also be of interest to those practicing in the area of construction law, developers and officers of local government, and notaries public. The course will shed light on Subdivision, which is a complex process that requires special expertise and involves many overlapping areas of law, including municipal, administrative, and real estate. Elizabeth Yip will present on the topic of Subdivision Issues for Developers including Land Title Office requirements, easements, statutory rights of way and what developers should consider surrounding public dedications.

Course Info: https://store.cle.bc.ca/productdetails.aspx?title=Subdivision-Regulation-and-Discretion-2022&cid=1939%2F/&_ga=2.42204454.2091140027.1652759558-176961199.1652759558

To learn more about Elizabeth: https://terralawcorp.ca/our-team/elizabeth-yip/