Partnership & Joint Venture Structuring

Partnership &
Joint Venture Structuring

In today’s economic environment, with ever-rising asset prices, equity requirements and risks, it is increasingly common for developers and investors to team up in pursuing real estate opportunities, whether to access additional capital or expertise, or both.

Terra Law’s lawyers have experience in structuring complex relationships of all kinds for the acquisition, ownership, operation, development and sale of real estate properties. We work closely with our clients and their tax advisors, and the lawyers, parties and tax advisors on the other side, to ensure that the underlying documents properly allocate risk and achieve the stated objectives. We never forget that every structure must also be financeable in order for the proposed acquisition or project to be successful.

Terra Law’s Partnership & Joint Venture Structuring expertise includes:
Joint ventures
Limited companies/shareholders agreements
Development management arrangements
Combined debt/equity investments
Limited partnerships
Limited liability partnerships
Our lawyers’ broad experience in the real estate sector informs the advice we are able to give our clients on new real estate relationships. We bring to the table a perspective that comes from involvement in dozens of similar transactions over the years, allowing us to lay out options and come up with solutions efficiently and decisively, and saving our clients time and money.
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