Terra Law commercial real estate lawyers understand the pressures associated with the commercial real estate business. Our responsiveness and availability allows clients to take advantage of opportunities on-the-fly. We are experienced, allowing us to get deals closed while protecting our clients’ interests. We are creative, allowing us to customize innovative solutions for unique situations. And, we are practical, allowing us to provide efficient, cost effective advice to our clients.

Real Property Paralegals

Shauna Bartley,
Junior Paralegal
Ph: 604.628.8976

Esther Cho
Ph: 604.628.8977

Lynn Copeland
Ph: 604.628.8978

Samantha Haddow
Ph: 604.628.8969

Susan Kelly
Ph: 604.628.8980

Sarina McClain
Ph: 604.628.8987

Andrea Shaw
Ph: 604.628.8975

Alison Thornhill
Ph: 604.628.8966

Real Property Paralegal Assistants

Amy Chan
Ph: 604.628.8979

Rina David
Ph: 604.628.8961

Corporate Paralegal

Tracey Itterman
Ph: 604.628.8986



Corporate Records Clerk

Sherry Chen
Ph: 604.628.8972



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